Stay Awhile and Listen weaves the words of all the creators of Diablo into a compelling narrative and opens a window into the strange and wild world of the games biz. -Glenn Wichman, co-creator of Rogue

David L. Craddock

Co-Founder / CCO / Author


David L. Craddock lives with his wife and business partner, Amie Kline-Craddock, in Canton, Ohio. He writes short and long fiction, nonfiction, and grocery lists. His first publication from DM Press, Stay Awhile and Listen - Book I, rose to the #1 spot on's "Video & Electronic Games" category less than 24 hours after its release. His young adult fantasy novel, Heritage, will be published by Tyche Books in summer 2014. Follow him at,, and @davidlcraddock on Twitter.

Amie C. E. Kline

Co-Founder / CEO / Artist


Amie C. E. Kline sees to all the business and artistic needs at DM Press. She designs cover art for publications, develops and maintains the company's websites, edits manuscripts, develops the proprietary formatting used in the company's eBooks, and oversees the direction of the company and its publications and products.

Andrew Magrath



Andrew Magrath brings several years of editing experience to DM Press. Having honed his craft in the US and Japan, Andrew harbors a love of gaming eclipsed only by his passion for the writing process. He has published scholarly works and presented at several academic conferences. When not on the clock at DM Press, Andrew works as a professor of philosophy and a writing tutor.